Sunday 22 April 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Are Nigerian Youths Lazy?

So why did President Buhari state that Nigerian youths are lazy?
In truth, they don't actually get free housing education and health care do they?. No, They struggle.
I believe that President Buhari is of an entirely different generation now and perhaps dare I say slightly out of touch?.

He will contest a second term, and the mischievous side of me hopes he wins, mainly because I don't believe ageism is a reason ( which too many express) for him to relinquish power.
I'm sure there are many senators who are over fed and lazy and are nowhere near as old as Buhari.

Not until one gets to grips with peoples voting habits will there be much if any change.

I think it's hard to accuse youths of being lazy where they remain actually untested. I know I saw many youths working hard in the sun to sell their wares, so no, they as a collective are not lazy.

I believe that a poverty aka hangout mentaility exists in poorer countries across west Africa, and volunteerism is unfortunately almost non existent, but until there is fair and balanced wealth and wage gap, it's simply unfair to cite those who are without opportunity as lazy.

So no Mr President, that comment may work at home on our own children but on the world stage we need to be a little more discerning.

Interestingly, If the President believes the youth are simply lazy, what efforts will he make going forwards to change the current status quo?
A functioning civil society and an adapted welfare state could transform Nigeria
Manufactoring, and services, increased vocational training and JOBS.

We will always find lazy. But it's preferable to give lazy a chance before we call it by its name

President Buhari increasingly reminds me of a stuck up uncle. You love him but he's stuck in his ways


On a lighter note.. if you can find a funnier pre election posturing debate than this I'd like to see it

" President my foot!"
ft Sowore of Sahara TV

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  1. Lady D, nice writtens. :)))) love love Omoyele Sowore, always admired his outfit Sahara Reporters. The elite have no idea how to deal with the breddah. the power of people media, hardly inconsequential lol. As for Buhari, every time he opens his mouth .. retire already