Tuesday 10 April 2018

Given a choice, would women choose Polygamy?

Your energy introduces you before you even say a word.
I'm not sure where that quote came from but great isn't it?

Do you know, in a world where so many of us seek perfection..
Your partner doesn't have to be perfect, just perfect for you...

I watched a short clip of a couple married for almost 50yrs. A sweet clip, where they spoke about the reality of marriage, not with regret or disappointment but with fondness. Between them they agreed that what has worked for them is the commitment to love, even if they don't feel loving. To recognise each others differences, and instead of seeing them as flaws, they see them simply as differences.

They believe in resolving disagreements within the home, not broadcasting them with the world, or badmouthing the other in a heated moment.
Your lover should compliment you.
Inspire continuous self development in each other and witness how sweet it can be.

A Kenyan politician recently advocated polygamy as a solution to family issues in Kenya, basically advocating that if the going gets tough or a man is irritated with his wife he should simply spend time with the other.
No introspection on self improvement required there huh.

Anyway, as you know I'm a romantic. Not in the cheesy sense, but in the real love sense.
It isn't always easy, no, being naive takes great skill lol!, but the result of such love is certainly fulfilling.
To led with love, in whatever you do in life, is a good thing

It takes courage to love, it requires a level of openness and vulnerability that can make even Kings quake.
Polygamy seems easy, but not for women.
Polygamy for women requires great sacrifice

Not sure what problems it can solve in Kenya.
Maybe Kenyan politicians should focus on the real issues at hand, and seek guidance on love related matters from women who have not totally given up on the idea that men can be loyal too.

Chale! this man horny sah..

Anyway, as long as they are happy...for sure, as long as they're all content.
Seems he has the resources to take care of them, and one can assume he's a good lover, worth waiting in line for.

Would you be a polygamous wife?

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  1. typical politician, talking out their backside. there may have been practical (tenuous-ish) reasons for polygamy back in the day, don't think irritation was ever one of them

    Tell him to chill and eat jollof rice :~)

    I'm not a drum beater for any system, all have their merits. just believe the "sister wife" should a say it how tings gwan, no silly mind games and chauvinistic bs.