Saturday 23 March 2019

Weekend WOW Factor Pt 1: Growing Beans & Gambian Treats

did a little work in the garden, as my Beans and onions are growing

I planted radishes , carrots, onions, and few other bits, in the slats of the other pallet, so trying to keep an eye on them

My little herb pallet looks cute..

..and I've constructed a new raised bed to plant more foods stuff over the coming weeks

My gardening skills are improving slowly but surely:)

Today I'm cooking Domoda ( with fish) which is a Gambian dish

I'll be having rice with it

In addition, I'm making an Okra stew with beans, as Ti's back from Oz, and has decided to become a Vegan

Out in Oz Ti visited Vanuata, which he said is very beautiful
He brought back this tea towel and told me that the islanders were once known for eating strangers.

I can promise I certainly won't be eating any visitors, so I hope this kitchen towel doesn't scare people lol!

Got these treats from the Gamibia
Black Soap and Shea Butter... :)

Happy Saturday x

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