Saturday, 9 March 2019

Naija Governorship Elections Sorted. INEC do your thing :)

Seriously now...this was kinda funny. Is the APC National leader ....a little....drunk?... lol!
I wonder if anyone else thought so...
Is he really the national leader...of elegant President Buhari's party???...

Governorship and state elections today in Naija so, funny vids and drama available like water in a pond.. amidst some real and interesting analysis.

Ok, this election may not have the 'glamour' of the Presidential, but if you consider that the average salary of a Nigerian governor is estimated at about £10.000 per month
plus other allowances...Leave allowance, Vehicle Allowance: Accommodation and furniture Allowance
End of tenure gratuity....

It's not a bad job at all
There's a lot at stake...


Naomi Campbell looking beautiful as ever

For some reason today I thought she looked quite sudanese
I love her dress x

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