Monday 24 June 2019

Interviews with Asari Dokubo

With the many discussions around identity ethnicity and sovereignty, these interviews with Asari Dokubo, are quite interesting..
These interviews are from a few years back, but pertinent nonetheless

[Wiki Info] [edited]

Dokubo-Asari is a major political figure of the Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
He was president of the Ijaw Youth Council for a time beginning in 2001 and later founded the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force which would become one of the most prominent armed groups operating in the Niger Delta region. He is a Muslim with populist views and an anti-government stance that have made him a folk hero amongst certain members of the local population.

As part of Yar'adua amnesty incentives to eliminate terrorist activities in the Niger Delta, the federal government awarded massive cash rewards to Asari and other terror leaders of the Niger Delta.

Asari received an annual cash payment of USD$10 million a year from Abuja as part of the federal "pipeline security protection fee"
[Disclaimer - this is not evident in his interviews]

The Ijaws were one of the first of Nigeria's peoples to have contact with Westerners, and were active as go-betweens in the slave trade between visiting Europeans and the peoples of the interior. hmmm

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