Monday 17 June 2019

Romeo Romeo

so the guy behind me was on the phone

I was minding my own business actually....watching the world go by, on the top deck of a bus, but he caught my attention

'I can't wait to hold you' he said..
'I just want to hold you sooo much, you're my everything'
'I just love your voice, having you makes me so happy!'

on and on he went..

'Are you scared?' he said
'I'm scared too, but you shouldn't be scared, you've got me, and I'll look after you'
'you never have to worry about anything again'
'coz if you get scared, it won't be good'

then something made me smile even more

'I cant wait to meet you!' he said

'I cant wait to meet your parents,they're gonna like me anyway'

'never worry about anything, when were adults, we'll never have anything to worry about'
huh?!.. adults?!, how old is this guy I wondered??

As I looked out the window, enjoying this young love, and what appeared to be the early stages of an arranged marriage
I could barely believe when he the uttered, 'college was ok'

this young chap was fresh out of school!
his beloved, seemed to still be in school

I wondered, what would become of their love
I hope it blossoms and lasts, with such an innocent and beautiful foundation
Hope their families protect , and spirits guide them well

I was distracted, so didn't get to see his face as he got up

A big chap I see around, had boarded the bus , looked at me, licking his lips and asking about my 'sister'
all...coy like
if she was... 'in the country'

He plonked his huge bag beside me, telling me stories of a mission he was on, and how busy he was,,
took a loud call ( who knows if anyone was actually on the other end lol)
funny funny

I smiled to myself

Perhaps when he was a young man, he once had a beautiful use vision of love,
or perhaps he never did, perhaps under his gruff exterior he still did

Big chap took his bag that kept falling off the seat, and headed to the back seat of the crowded bus

I got off.. incognito

when men were boys:)

Pastor Shola... makes me laugh