Sunday 10 November 2019

Weekend WOW Factor : 100 Days - Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, founder of Sahara Reporters, 2019 Presidential Candidate, Anti Corruption Journalist, Social and Community Activist, and all round decent guy, has been in detention now, for 100 days.
Despite meeting all of his bail conditions, he has yet to be released.
Sowore has reported to have gone on hunger strike.

Sowore was detained after calling for a nation wide protest, and calling that protest, revolution now.

Sowore - with his impressive oratory skills, campaigning abilities, and honest desire to see a better Nigeria in areas such as education, health care, minimum wage.
Sowore, who being US based, really doesn't have to care - but cares nonetheless.

He has his core supporters, who are doing the best they can.
Other 'supporters' emerged once he trended across all media, and gained an impressive legal team.

The past 100 days since his detention have been very revealing.
But our thoughts go out to him and his family

It's our hope he will be released any day now

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