Thursday 6 August 2015

The day before the day before yesterday - My favourite girl - Alaine - Suzanna & more

I have a temperature ( flu symptoms) so I sent Ti out for paracetamol. My darling is unwell, and my brother's day is only hours away.
So... I turn to my favourite girl
What else
Your up...
.. and you're right Alaine.. that's a sad tale you tell

May the lord strengthen and guide us.
Love will see us through.

I'm off to Bedfordshire. Got to be an early night


President Robert Mugabe apparently said Jamaican men just smoke dope and sing.. and some twist their hair.. whilst the university's are filled with women [click]
heehee.. ouch..
this is for you sir...

and this.. heehee

erm..It's the paracetomol..! ..


I'll save this one for Mr K

Ok.. that's it..night x

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