Tuesday 3 January 2017

Lutan Fyah - Life Means Everything.

New year Flex with Lutan Fyah on the playlist
I thought today...If I achieve only one positive thing per day I'm happy with that
More?... then rain on blessings! great are the gods

Had mum and bro over for Christmas. Was a pleasure
Did you know... I'm a really good cook
I've only in the last few years come to discover that I have the ability to cook very well
I can still only make one cake however and have never made bread
Some may argue that equates to not being much of a cook at all!
Get thee behind me satan doubters... we all have our gifts!

I like cooking for others, ( guests) very much

Anyway.. enough of my trivia
I'm sure you'll all appreciate some updates on the goings on across the light continent

Fret not.. I'm on the case
Ive a camera to master remember

Good afternoon
Peace x

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