Saturday 10 February 2018

The Traveller

So Ti is off for a few months. Currently in Dubai, then heading further. I already miss him. Watching him and his girlfriend board the taxi in the early hours, I felt it. Happy and excited for them both , but a tinge of sadness also.
Ti's my son yes, but he's also my confidant
my resilient son, who always has the best advice
As I lay in bed contemplating how far he's come, and the wonderful young man he is,
all I can say is, he's a joy, and I'm proud of them all

Safe travels to you both, missing you both already x

me last night contemplating the months ahead without my boy..


  1. It's tough isn't it, watching the kids leave your life. I know they aren't gone forever, but once they get their own lives, things are never the same again.

  2. All of that Joe.. all of that x