Sunday 21 April 2019

Weekend WOW Factor: To Be Or Not To Be - 'Nigerian'

Elections are only free and fair when you win.
If one loses, ones eyes will recall all the malpractice, ballot box stealing, and vote buying
but if one wins.... none of those things did one see

So the case is in court, Atiku is challenging President Buhari for the Presidency.
Claiming, that he, Atiku, is the rightful winner of the 2019 election
It's no surprise, as he said he would

What is actually interesting is the response of the APC, and more so the debates that are emerging around identity, and citizenship.

So the APC hit back to claim that Atiku, is not Nigerian, having been born in Adamwa state, which at the time his birth, was part of British Cameroon.
In which case, he would have no right to ever be the President. If this claim is upheld, it would be a matter of case closed.

It would also mean that Atiku's eight years as Vice President under President Obasanjo were fraudulent, (but never mind)

The PDP are hitting back, stating that Bihari himself is no Nigerian either, but from the Benin republic.
hahaha. say it aint so....

If anyone was in any doubt regarding the ways in which colonial borders have created problems for swathes of people across Africa, this is it.
This is the same country after county... Rwanda, Sierra Leone, DRC, Cameroon, Sudan
People who are in fact one people, taught to see themselves as different, by a single boader.

So ... lets play. Who really is Nigerian?

One could argue no individual born in Nigeria, is Nigerian, the name itself, simply a creation of Lord Luggards's girlfriend, Flora

Nigeria.. simply meaning, it lies within the river Niger.. was simply a geographical space inhabited by 'Africans''.

The entire debate raises many questions

Such as , can a thing exist without a name?
must a thing 'called' to be 'real'

but more so, can we continue with existing boarders and structures created by colonisers, and ever find peace, freedom, or indeed, our true identity?.
These structures include tribal chiefdoms, Kings and village leaders, who I suspect that if one were to engage in further scrutiny, may very well find that their forefathers were simply awarded by colonisers for their act in the sale of their own people.

This debate is making people nervous

( Nnamdi Kanu isn't one of them lol!)

The reason it makes people nervous is because it unravels the very essence of who they think they are.

It was due to the disruptive and mentally and physically brutal nature of slavery and colonialism, that the fight for indepencede and nationhood, was so desired for, fought for, and won.
It was the only way to unite a divided people, by creating one ideal of which all could be included.
Rwanda has done this very well after their historic genocide
Nigeria has not.
Nigeria, did not grow from their own civil war in the same way.
There is no commemoration/remembrance, no historical memorial, for those who lost their lives.

What happened was the memory of the civil war - created an apathetic docility, a void, which was quickly filled by needy and corrupt leaders, willing to exploit those fearful of a return to a civil collapse.

The irony is, despite the docile nature of the average man or woman, the civil collapse is occurring around them regardless.

Many argue that this charge against Atiku will heighten ethnic division, and if the spark were to catch fire, Nigeria could 'burn'.

Others argue that the debate gives credence to IPOB, who want to break away from Nigeria altogether.

In truth, Nigeria has been ethnically divided long before this argument between two big men.

... but maybe now, people will decide, if this nation Nigeria is worth fighting for, coming together for, and building together for.

Watching the debate unfold really is like watching an episode of 'who do you think you are'.
On receipt of my own ancestral search, my 'people hail from Ivory Coast/Ghana Cameroon Nigeria, mainly - so...same region.. so I guess that's why I'm drawn back to the motherland like a moth to flame regardless.

We are what are, so I lay claim to the land of my forefathers and will defy anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.

This debate is at the tip of a very large iceberg, which could be the beginning of a great mountain climb, or a stumble at the edge of a painful slippery slope.

Ether way, it matters not to me, I'm not new to the effects of slavery or colonialism, I am a product of both, so for me it's actually fun, watching some of these guys catch up.

Welcome to my world darlings x

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