Sunday 26 January 2020

Weekend WOW Factor: Is Ex President Yaya Jammeh Feeling Homesick?

Whilst thousands of supporters of former President of the Gambia Yaya Jammeh have displayed a desire for the big man to return, apparently the feeling is mutual, with leaked tapes of Jammeh suggesting the former President is keen to return 'home'.
All this, amidst the increasing pressure being mounted by the 3yrs Jotna movement demanding that current President, Adama Barrow honours his 'gentleman's agreement' and steps down, now that his 3 yrs is up.

Protests today turned violent, as police fired teargas to disperse crowds that had gathered for a rally.
Constitutionally, Barrow can remain for 5yrs , however, it's his initial promise to the people that he will serve just 3yrs that he now has to reckon with.

If the unrest continues, we may just see a return of Jammeh, despite reports that he will face arrest if he returns to the Gambia.

Citizens may be frustrated with Barrow's government, but dare I say it's really too early to tell. 3yrs in political leadership ( in Africa) really isn't that long.

Surely the reports of the exploitation of children by foreigners is far more worrying.
It's not news that westerners have been visiting the Gambia for years to covet sex ( I have personally witnessed old men 'with' young Gambian girls on beaches) but reports that children as young as 10 are now being targeted, is highly worrying.

Any headline such as this is jarring.
This is far more worthy of protesting against ...than an additional 2yrs.... surely.
But that's just my initial thoughts on the matter......

Tourism is a huge financial benefit to The Gambia - but visitors should be informed that 'people' are not for sale.

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