Monday 26 October 2020

What we can all learn from Rwanda

That President Paul Kagami was able to unite his country after the genocide and build Rwanda into the beautiful country that it is, is nothing short of amazing.
Over the course of 100 days, almost 1million people were killed. Do you realize just how horrifc that must have been?
One thing the President did, was abolish the notion of 'Tribes'. All... are Rwandese. You can learn about the history of Rwanda, across the country, the history of the Kings, Art, music, and of course you can visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where once outside, you leave the past behind, and breathe anew.
Many leaders can learn alot from both him, and the Rwandese people. When you learn the stories of forgiveness, and acts of kindness that occured as part of the truth and reconcillation process, and witness first hand, the commitment of the people to build a beautiful nation, it's an experience you never forget.

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