Tuesday 2 March 2021

Rest In Peace .The legend - Bunny Wailer - Is Gone

When I read the news of Bunny Wailer, I actually didn't believe it. Despite his age, despite his ailing health, and despite the fact that death is a part of life, it was over an hour for the confirmation to convince me.. it was true. Bunny Wailer has truly gone.
** ** This was difficult to grasp partly due to the enormous impact Bunny has had on so many of our lives, so much so that it's difficult to put into words. Who didn't love Bunny... The smooth one, the spiritual one, the uncompromising one They simply don't make them like that everyday. 'They' being the gods, Bunny was not only a musical icon, he was a cultural icon also. ** Bunny has now joined our ancestors, alongside his brothers, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh. ** I learnt so much not only by listening to Bunny Wailer growing up, but reading ( yes reading) his album covers, In particular, Black heart man. I loved that album with a passion, and still play it to this day. I learnt so much of the African child from Bunny Wailer. I learnt to play my Bass, simply by playing along.... to Bunny Wailer. I'm truly sad to hear the news today. As we send our condolences to his dearest family and friends, we know that Bunny can never ever really leave us. The legacy, and spirit of Bunny Wailer is eternal. It is said that Chris Blackwell found it diffuclt to deal with the 'firey' Bunny It was said that Bunny didn't want to fly , so.... he worked with Bob.
** Whatever the truth, The story of the Wailers, individually, and as a unit is fascinating , groundbreaking, and a true testiment of the power of the African spirit in the Caribbean people. Jamaica, the small island in the Caribbean, proving that out of the smallest lands can emerge the most wonderous things. One thing I am so proud of is the Caribbean history of resistance, of rebelion, anti colonial uprisings, and slave rebelions, of finding ways to mainatin their cultural, disgusing them out of necessity , rebranding, re-shaping. ** ** There is a strong spirit that exists in those who have had to fight for thier liberation ... and Bunny Wailer has always reminded me of that. May the gods welcome you home Bunny I shall have a party in your honour While we never like to have, or speak of favourites per se If it were okay to... I would say unashamably... That Bunny Wailer was mine As a child I thought Bunny Wailer Immortal Now I'm grown... and Bunny is gone Rest in peace Bunny I told Ti I'm having a Bunny Wailer Party on Saturday 'Pure Bunny Wailer a play' I said 'Pure handcuffs' he said Apparently We're still in lockdown.. :) I Will have that Party.. on Zoom if needs be. This week, we celebrate .

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