Thursday 30 December 2010

So men love shopping after all??

So today I decided to hop on the bus to that golden honey pot' aka Oxford Street! to sample that elixir of life - Shopping!. Not any old shopping like food and all that - oh no.. that doesn't count. It was the kind of shopping one undertakes to feel 'hotter' you know what I mean?? let me clothes, and sparkly things...yum. Now to be clear... I hate shopping, I really do, can go for months without it, but hey presto... do it once, and just like a bloke, you kinda wanna do it again!!. til you get sick of it and decide it's more trouble than it's worth!!

I joke of course...

You see, the thing is, I went purely as an observer, and observe I did. I witnessed what can best be described as some kind of role reversal. the shops were busy, and everything in the sale was.. pretty much everything that should be on sale..or better yet - in a box at the front marked please take away, in fact we'll pay you!! ...again... I kid.

What I will say is that although women have a reputation of taking shopping to another level...going from shop to shop, only to end up back at the very first store they went into - to purchase that outfit they dismissed hours earlier ( all perfectly reasonable! ) after shopping with my son and witnessing other men in action, I'm hereby going to pass the baton over to them!!. Sure it's great to see a man that looks smart and takes care of his appearance, we love that...but... are they becoming us? Have we turned our men into women??

Whilst I was quick to get what I need and fast forward to the exit, my son needed to primp and preen, check out the mirrors, touch, pick up, put down, take the escalator up, escalator down, pop next door , jeesh... you'd think he was the one with the money!
Yet, he wasn't the only fact, the majority of the men I saw seemed to carry out the same ritual. Well, things have changed that's for sure, and there's a part of me that likes it.. men who no longer run away whenever their other half has that look of 'shopping' in her eye... hey I could get used to that ... but then, there's a part of me that doesn't yet want to see the demise of that testosterone filled, macho man, who you can hold on to when things get tough!! and when I hold on, I don't want my hand to slip on too much oil and satin.. perish the thought!!..hhmm whilst I'm not looking for a cave man anytime soon, he still needs to resemble what I remember to be.. a man..
Looking bored and grumpy as I try on yet another outfit, but who's love is too great to complain... I like!

Things have changed alright, but are we better off for it?

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