Tuesday 28 December 2010

Hello World and Welcome!

This is a new Blog.

I'm a Community Activist, budding Social Commentator have worked in the field of Community Development for over 20yrs. Why? because it's who I am, I enjoy it, because I believe in justice.. fairness, and equality. I abhore discrimination, and I'll use this blog to discuss issues that affect the many not just the few.. because... to me... and to many others... it matters..

Sometimes serious, other times funny.. welcome and enjoy..

For starters...

We're at the end of another year, just 3 days to go and it's 2011. Despite the mass redundancies experienced up and down the country... increase in personal debt, and discord over public sector cuts, watching the news, both yesterday and today... I couldn't help but notice that the shops were full. Oxford Street was bursting at the seams with shoppers, all seemingly overcome with the unexpected change in personal fortune, that despite the sub zero tempertaures, they were beaming as though they'd just felt of ray of hot Carribean sun, and tasted the sweet nectar of coconut water and rum!.

If it wasn't for the fact that the overground was 'not in service' ... again... I would have hopped down to the shops myself .. grabbed myself a bargain or two and said "stuff it... VAT'll be going up to 20% come January" No longer will we need to worry about obesity, as the cost of food will skyrocket so I guess we'll all have to eat less. Public transport - despite the fact it often smells, is often dirty - and is often late - will cost more to use, so that'll take care of the need to exercise... get your walking shoes on, or get back in your cars and travel in style.

My tips for the New Year:-

Find a partner, or love the one your with... if it's not love, be honest... but be kind
Strenthen your communities .. who lives next door again???
Cherish and rebuild your families.. you may be seperated.. but the kids love you both!! endure those tortuous minutes in each others company.. Best of British an all that!!
Or as we say in the Carribean " jus' grin an bear iit!!
Earn and Learn a little more everyday.. delve into those books - join the library while you still can!
Take advice from the SAS and be prepared...
or my personal favourite.. 'Carpe diem'.. seize the day!!

More tips to come in future blogs....

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