Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Male pole dancing..

Can't get my head around that one..
The last time I saw a man trying to pole dance it was 'Doug' in the 'King of Queens' and I laughed my head off he was so funny..

bruise alert!..

I saw a guy on the news last night talking about taking pole dancing lessons ( and hiding it from his friends) in China, as apparently it's becoming a really popular way to keep fit..
Men's bodies are shaped differently to women's so to me it looks a little odd.. clumsy

But then.. I have a feeling anyone may look a little odd or clumsy until they get the hang of it.. still.... male pole dancers?...only for a laugh.. otherwise..not for me... too ... odd... but then... I am picturing 'Doug Heffernan'

In fact it's so funny.. every man should pole dance for his wife or girlfriend at least once...(if he has one)... then... never speak of it again... :)


  1. Am in fits of laughter a man wrestling a pole innovative would love to be a spectator....Tried it once for a friend's hen do was meant to look sexy but clumsy took over all of us fun though. Legs hurt like hell for a few days..

  2. Sounds like a fun and funny night.. yes the thought of a real masculine man struggling with that pole is very very funny..

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