Saturday 25 May 2013


I was watching Mike & Molly and was reminded of how much I used to enjoy watching my children's school plays etc. The children were so sweet, and there's something about children that really heightens your emotions.. makes you a little tearful. Maybe its because they're so innocent, and we know that anything can happen from childhood to adulthood.. the reality of the world we've created.. To think, all the adults you and I know where children once, un- bittered, un-scarred, friendly and filled with love, big eyes full of wonder.. and a smile to melt snow.

A simple bedtime story, singing a nursery rhyme , looking out from behind the school stage curtain to see if their mum or dad is out in the audience to watch them. A quick wave...our children need us.. and equally .. we need them.

I think we need them to remind us of who we once were, how simple life can be.. and how to love.

Sometimes however.. childhood can be a real nightmare.
That's when things can go terribly wrong.
Much depends on where in the world you live, families you are born into.. you name it.

I never take for granted that childhood is a good memory for people. As quite often.. it isn't


80% of the worlds supply of Coltan comes from the Congo... that I didn't know.

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