Sunday 5 May 2013

Sounds like summer

It was an eventful week for me, and by the end of it I was extremely tired. One of two things tends to occur whenever I feel that way and they are 1. I may become relatively silly, or 2. I can revert to being relatively quiet. I opted for the latter.
So here we are again .. Sunday Sunday.
It's a beautiful sunny day outside - so enjoy it while it lasts.
Blue sky, and the neighbour banging away at something in the back yard ( not my best phrasing I'm sure:O)
Sounds of summer.

That would usually inspire me to get out there and do a little work on my own garden, but hmmmm should I?.. not today.
I'm enjoying the stillness, collating and organising my thoughts. Dinners cooking , but I think I'll go out for lunch today.. if the weather holds up

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