Sunday 5 May 2013

The real cost of cheap clothes?

I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't appreciate a bargain.. have you?

Many people are having to buy cheaper to get by.. to feed and clothe themselves, and their families..

With capitalism - there will always be 'winners' and 'losers'

Our 'lifestyles' are dependant on the continuation of the exploitation of countries, and peoples of the periphery .
No one would ever 'choose' to be on the losing side, and it's that sad fact, which continues the grease the wheels of this unequal exchange.

The whole point of capitalism is to accumulate more. That's pretty much it.
It's a shame that greed, gets in the way of a more humanitarian approach to business. It's a shame that it's so easy for 'us all' to get caught up in it.

In 'reality' cheap clothes aren't always cheap.. they can be very costly indeed.


  1. This was a real tragedy!!

  2. I hear stores are donating money.. which is a nice thing

  3. This is a very tragic event.I getting sad while i am seeing these pictures.Once again it should not happen to anyone.
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