Thursday 23 May 2013

Emotional maturity

Busy day ahead so aiming for an early night tonight.

Thoughts today were on love and emotional maturity. Discussions today were on culture and personal development.

Emotional Maturity

Spiritual maturity..personal growth.. call it what you will, it takes work, and commitment. Not dictated by age, neither is it a coat you can pick up and wear today, then discard the next, it's consistent.. a choice made each day, to keep on trying.
Our relationships, our interactions with others, can present us with the biggest challenges, yet the greatest rewards. What shows up, shows up for a reason, to be tackled, faced, reduced, questioned, embraced, even loved.
we.. are our greatest teachers

Six stages of emotional maturity


The dream of world peace, or an achievable goal
Surely a dream worth having, and a goal worth working towards

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