Saturday 2 July 2016

When you don't feel like writing, write anyway

I sat down to read, and not necessarily write.
Yet laptop on lap here I am.
Someday's the words flow less freely and eloquently than others, this, is one of those days.
So.. suffice to say, this post is just an opportunity to flex my desire to write on, regardless.
I have nothing pressing to offer this lovely Saturday, I'm just sitting after collecting my clothes from the launderette, allowing my hair to dry naturally with one eye on 'come dine', and my ears totally immersed in beautiful music.

It's nice to have a little time alone to think

I stepped outside leggings and vest, make up free and dripping wet hair and a woman stopped me to tell me how beautiful I was . Took me totally by surprise, not only for her to go out of her way to tell me that, but that she'd apparently been watching me 'forever' ( her words not mine. Shes not gay or anything.. before you ask.

I thanked her slightly bemused and wondering what she was seeing and stepped into my favorite launderette.
I asked the owner how he was, and his reply was as it has been for years. 'cant complain'
I told him that's what he always said , and he then proceeded to offer me some of the most profound words I've heard in awhile.

Between the lady and that man my mood shifted to one of gratitude.
I came away convinced they were placed in my path today for a reason.. and for that i'm grateful

You see.... on reflection I must admit it has been a tough few weeks.. no scrap that..year.

Highs and lows.. but that's life.
I'm grateful for those who love me.
As we all are
It's easy to forget sometimes, when faced with hurdles roadblocks or difficulty.
Platitudes to uplift or inspire can sometimes feel base and pointless, yet they can and often do, help
Some of the most amazing people I know.. have faced tough times and continue to smile

So.. I'll take their lead on that.
Hey... I quite enjoyed writing that...who knew

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