Wednesday 6 July 2016

Nobody's perfect..not even Blair. music by Yemi Alade - Africa ft. Sauti Sol - Africa

The news headlines on the Chilcot report presented a damning indictment of Britain's involvement in the Iraq war.
It does not 'favour' our ex pm, Tony Blair ..
It is stated that the decision to go to war was not 'a last resort'
However,I wont be reading it.
Apparently, it's approximately 2.6 million words long, amassing 12 volumes.
In the hands of a creatively lazy writer reports can be boring.
Yet to be fair most reports tend to focus on dry facts. I guess that's just the way it is.
Maybe i'm jumping the gun... maybe it will make an excellent read)

For anyone willing to buy a copy it will cost you over £700.
Feel free, but remember...that's a plane ticket.

Conflicted because despite my constant questions over the impact of Blair's African Governance Initiative, I quite like him.
He remains.. my favourite Tory ahem.. sorry...Labour leader lol.

If the AGI has has indeed had a positive impact.. then god help us all. Reason being?
...the continent ( or at least many of the countries where the AGI operate) remain in a dire state of affairs, so can you imagine if they were not there?... holy shit.. )
which brings me to my point.

Labour, is worse off without Blair.
Gordon Brown wasn't given a chance. ( we can be a little shallow)

Love him or hate him, 'New Labour' was an election winning masterstroke, and the party has dulled significantly since his ( and many others) departure.
Where are the characters?
The big thinkers?
Bold speakers?
Perhaps they are still around.. just not in the spotlight.

Iraq may be worse off after the war ( which country isn't?)
Islamic extremism has certainly increased across the globe, and innocent women and men living in conflict zones tend to live with constant fear.. and a genuine hope and desire for peace.
But... what if the war hadn't occurred?
Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that everything would be hunky dory had it not been for the war?...
Better yes..perhaps.. but no paradise
Not for women anyway.. and not for children..
Not if your're of a darker hue
Or you worship the 'wrong god'
So, whether it's women's or children's rights, a fight to end human trafficking and or slavery... the 'truth' is, there will always be something to fight for
If... we choose to fight.

The question I guess is.. is war, ever really the answer?
..and are some things worth fighting for more than others.....

A week is a long time in politics they say.
Well...It's taken 7 years and 10 million English pounds (allegedly) to write the report.
That's patience.


This week will mark the anniversary of my bro.
July 8th.
It's a been a long arse year, with many revelations, highs and lows...a real mixed bag.
A year on, and I finally got around to registering him ( a few weeks ago) and finally got around to sorting the car, so it's good to drive

This time last year I was unsure whether to still travel or not
This time last year
So.. I guess I'll be busy. I'm always ready to travel to be honest, more so these days than ever before
but I have a few things to do, for myself and for others right here in London.
It's all good.

Oh gosh.. I've just watched Portugal score two goals within minutes of the 2nd half. Yikes!

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