Sunday 3 July 2016

There can be no trust without loyalty..

.. and no genuine loyalty without Trust
I watched with interest the Michael Gove interview with Andrew Marr.

Michael Gove stated that in four days he realized that Boris Johnson was not the man to run the country. (This is after knowing him for 30 odd years, and considering himself a friend)
Many people understand that in politics, there is very little that will stand in the way of ruthless ambition.
( That my dear is true in all of life)

Politics aside I believe that Trust, perhaps even more than love, is the most powerful force we as people possess.
If people can't trust their governments, there is War
Civil wars, genocides, and coups, fighting, crime, theft, abuse, yes... a lack of trust truly plays host to many negatives

For many, the betrayal of a friend cuts very deep, so much so that the friendship is rarely (if ever) the same again, as questions will invariably emerge as to the genuine nature of that friendship to begin with

Trust for me, is a crucial element of any civilized society, a society without trust cannot grow.

For a Trust lecture [click here]

Question, based on something that was said by Michael Gove today..

If there is an 'undeserving rich'.. does that then mean that there is a deserving poor?


  1. I'm not a big fan of Boris, but boy did Gove stab him in the back!