Monday 4 July 2016

Beasts of No Nation

I finally got around to watching Beasts of No Nation
Thought I'd treat myself to a movie afternoon.

I must admit I've never actually never seen Idris Elba act before, but boy can he act.
The film itself was excellent. An amazingly thoughtful script, I wasn't expecting it.
The story itself based around the war in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and the use of child soldiers.
It was an easy watch ( at first) yet a very uneasy watch as time progressed, in fact from start to finish I was totally immersed in the film.
Wonderful actors
The logistics of bringing the film together is a massive achievement

The film really brings to life just what people are capable of under bizarre circumstances. The horror of civil war. A real power struggle.
Pertinent, as this is recent history, and in fact, the current way of life right now for many young boys and girls.

Made me cry about hmmm 3 times. ( but shh, don't tell anyone)
I'll watch it again actually, it was that good, and really makes you appreciate even more the work being done to rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers.

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