Wednesday 7 March 2018

Some good music and.. Happy Independence Day Ghana

In case you missed it, Ghana celebrated the 61st Independence Day yesterday

Good luck to Sierra Leonians on your Election Day.
and all those running for President.


My Ancestry kit has arrived!

Time to explore exactly which part of the continent, region , tribe, I hail from.
Funny thing with this is that it will only give me my mothers line. Apparently to trace m fathers I need male dna so my brother ill have to do it
Not sure. why that is tbh, I'm reading up on it.

Good morning x


  1. big up to Ghana, come a long way, continue to lead the way in good leadership across the region.

    I would be very interested to know what you find out from the kit. I remember watching a few YT videos on this, people discovering Cameroonian, Nigerian, all types of roots. good luck