Thursday 1 March 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Does Buhari, APC Deserve A Second Term?

Yes it's early. Weekend starts here.
Elections take place in Nigeria next year, and discussions are abound

Can ex-president Obasinjo really advise or criticise current President Buhari? decide...

Will Buhari run again?
..some think he should not..

I hope the increased attention to Fulani agitation and reported attacks on farmers is not a divide and rule ploy to further highlight the Presidents ethnicity
After all.. the conflict between herders and farmers is neither new nor is it specific to Nigeria alone.

Corruption, the economy unemployment and stability. 4 key areas by which he will be judged.
Regardless, as time draws nearer to the ballot box what will matter most, is who promises most.

For any ex President to speak out against nepotism cronyism or tribalism is honourable, yet can only be taken seriously if one has not engaged in such practices surely

A non political coalition is a good idea, however, it's an anonomoly. a non political movement engaged in politics?
That's political.

I like the idea of the Red Card movement even if in name only.
There are leaders who should be shown the red card for sure, or at the very least be met with... sceptical resistance

Then again, perhaps we need to look closely at Presidential advisors.

Anyway, congratulations to the former President on his Phd

I love the fact that age is no barrier to education..
just money:) seriously, it's good to continue to stretch the mind and keep learning. He has done well.

Our education should never stand in the way of reason
'All New APC - Where Our Education Will Never Stand In The Way Of Reason'.

There. rebranded... and it didn't even cost them a penny :-)


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