Thursday 15 March 2018

Take Time Thursday ... ft Tekno - Your Luv

and early to bed.
No not to sleep just yet, but read and catch up on news music, and contemplation.
It's rare, I often don't get to bed until the early hours so this is a treat. I've just started reding the book Brit(ish) written by Afua Hirsch.An excellent and well thought out title, one which I can certainly relate to.

Early days, but Afua talks about her life as a middle class mixed race woman, initially in love with a Ghanaian guy, and her innate need to embrace her African identity. not quite fitting into either culture .. initially.
It's an interesting read so far, written through a lens of one with one black parent, and one white.
Dancing a dance of privilege on one side, yet not seemingly wholly comfortable with it.


Not sure how I stumbled across Oshay Duke Jackson's Channel, lol!, but I did, and found myself listening to episode after episode of African American men discuss all kinds of topics quite candidly. What's interesting about it is how open they all were about men women and relationships.
One episode with guest Donnovan Sharpe, who's are I can't remember was extremely interesting, and had me laughing out loud in places
A real Alpha male episode!.


I also found myself watching Dr Boyce Watkins, again, food for thought.


A serious topic on Battabox and only a Nigerian can make you laugh without even trying

What should you do if a man is trying to rape you?

Bite him, bite the manhood and if you can...

"Swallow it o!"


Tekno is a genius
Slim daddy indeed..

Tekno. A younger version of an ex of many moons ago.
Same face, only Tekno is cuter, and with talent.
Well done, nice track

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