Thursday 3 October 2019

5 things I love about Rwanda

Five reasons why I simply adore Rwanda
..and not just that Chris Brown's songs sounds better in Africa ( they do for some reason)

disclaimer - there are more reasons than 5!

1. It's Tidy!!
Whilst the bulk of my stay has been in Kigali, Ive spend some time travelling around , visiting more remote areas - and the truth is. It's pretty darn clean.
Clearly the people here care about their surroundings and are willing to do their bit to maintain it. Ubuntu people - Ubuntu

2. Security 

There is security at every turn ( more or less)There are clearly identifiable security personnel, police or army in sight , every day, all day. They carry out checks, they are polite, orderly, and I've not seen any ounce of poor behaviour of 'hustling' like ahem....others countries, which shall remain nameless.. Male and female alike, I really love these guys.

...and on a side note.. they are hands down the most stylish!
Lord have mercy, men in uniform here are in a class of their own. It's not professional, but I can't stop ( discreetly) staring at these handsome fit tall soldiers lol!!... hey forgive me.. while I crush abit :)

3. Great leadership.

 I think the mark of a great leader can be found in his or her citizens ( aka, the people they lead). I'm so impressed with President Kagame, and that's all I'll say about that for now. ( If the continent had 1 President, Pan African style.... he'd get my vote)

4. Nice Energy

There a calmness that exists, none of that rambunctiousness many subscribe to certain African countries, no - the people here ( so far) communicate well, and are seemingly able to keep their volume at a respectable level lol.

5. Sweet Music Baby!

The music is phenomenal I'm totally hooked. Ok - I'll alway love my Naija artists,( Wizkid don't worry) but Rwandan music is biting at the heels. These guys have beautiful voices. and ok, the world knows the Congolese to be arguably the best and most sexiest dancers, but don't play - Rwandan people are not far behind.

You can find your club bangers, or your easy going love songs.. it's all available here

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