Monday 7 September 2020

Africa's Looted Art - A DW Documentary

[must watch] A very interesting documentary on the capture of Art across the continent. Art is life. This art is an essential narrative of the culture/s of arfican peoples. Stories of love, conquest war, families, kingdoms. Art, as music, provides a firm foundation in our quest for knowledge. Beautifully portrayed and uniquely crafted by the wonderfully tallented and gifted amoung us. We must continue to patronize and love our art. Hold our creative industries in high regard. Afterall, artists are the custodians of history, and of culture. Take me to Benin - I am there! - the beuty of the Benin Bronze is enchanting! Will this art help to heal and restore our fractureed communities... Art, as music, retains a superior power, within which, anything is possible

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