Sunday 12 August 2012

2015 Politics..

The next UK general election will be held on 7 May 2015.
I watched our current P.M this morning talking about the sporting legacy.
Funny how much more appealing he is with the sound turned down :) (I joke of course)

Apparently an MPs parliamentary salary is around £60,277.. they can add to this by undertaking paid board memberships or directorships.. or perhaps other ventures such as writing books, or whatever other talent they may possess.

Not bad.
Not huge, but not bad.

The P.M earns about £142,500...
similar I guess to chief executives and some school heads ( I think they get more actually)

Care workers earn between £12 - £21 depending on experience
Cynics would say it doesn't pay to care..
I wouldn't say that necessarily.. although it may pay more to talk about it.. or show others how it should be done .. then delegate
Yet we need to care more than ever.. like breathing out or breathing in most things age and experience could increase your salary

Anyway.. I came across this 32 ways to make someone happy

It's not just salary then.. although that definitely helps

Unless there are stark differences between the parties come election time.. it may be a struggle to get the masses to vote.
Why?... perhaps it's that 'care' thing again..

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