Sunday 12 August 2012

Still talking 2012.. it's not over yet!

One of the disappointments for me was the women’s 800m final.
It seemed to me that Caster had no real desire to win, and I got the impression she could have won easily... had she had wanted to.

That may seem like an unfair comment towards to Russian winner (well done to her).. it's not intended to be, but even the commentators seemed bemused.
Michael Johnson didn’t think that was the case...but then ( as far as I'm aware) he’s never had to undergo humiliating tests to find out what really dwells between his legs (so to speak)

I got a txt afterwards to say... hmm... perhaps she was trying to run like a lady!?!...
Well perhaps she was.
It is possible that Caster has developed a fear of winning.? Winning = humiliation?.
It was an odd race..that's for sure.

A friend of mine overheard a few comments recently regarding tennis that I have also been privy to before.
A couple a women moaning about the Williams sisters.
‘Oh it’s not fun anymore... they hit the ball too hard!!”

Yeah... and the rest

Other highlights...
Other than Stephen Kiprotish winning the marathon today for Uganda ?...

...the sight of Mo Farah’s wife flying the flag for married women everywhere...
Seemingly having a good old moan... double gold winner or not...

‘Yeah you may be good at running... but that bin I asked you to take out two weeks ago is still there... and quite frankly... will be waiting for you when you get back... ‘
Did she say that??... :))..Perhaps not, but she did look utterly pissed off.


  1. To be honest, I didn't spend more than a minute watching ANY Olympic event this summer.

  2. Why??..Not keen on sport Reggie?
    I loved it.. as you can probably tell :))