Thursday 16 August 2012

The suppression of love

True love cannot be contained.
Where it is present ... it will always rise to the surface
It gives you strength where previously there may have been weakness
It gives you courage to overcome difficulties

I’ve seen people transformed by love, truly believing in themselves and fulfilling their potential
But there tends to be a flip side... to everything.
There are tales of women who have become hooked on drugs for love, or prostituted for love for example.
Parents who become unwitting enablers to their children’s ‘habit’ .. perhaps stalling their rehabilitation
But I would have to question if that is really love, or something entirely different.
You see loves aim is never to hurt or destroy
Never to fill a vessel with fear, but to achieve completeness
It’s multifaceted yet one complete entity that dwells within yet transcends us all
It can also be highly frustrating, annoying even

But suppression of love is harmful I believe, as it takes an enormous amount of energy.. and ultimately, I'm not sure it can be done.. as the moment you stop.. it rises to the top.

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