Sunday 4 May 2014

Desert Blues

I heard this voice and it stopped me in my tracks.. 'Who's that??'
Lured in by the beat, I wanted to know more

Turns out that this track is taken off the album Desert Blues (2) disc 1.
I'm still trying to find out more about the singer

That's just crazy cool

Wiki says..

'Desert Blues refers to the music of the Tuareg people and related nomad groups of the Sahara, who perform a style of music considered the root of the American Blues genre. This was first popularized in the West by Ali Farka Touré and has more recently been carried by a new wave of artists'

Exploring further it turns out that the album has evolved from the Festival in the Desert'..


  1. Wow thanks for sharing
    Had no clue

  2. You're welcome Janyl
    I didn't know either.. really interesting

  3. That is really cool. The singer's voice reminds me a little of Louis Armstrong, a jazz musician who lived in the United States.

    1. Oh yeah!! true, now you mention it..! nicely spotted Sherry..