Thursday 1 May 2014

May May be a good month.. post days like these?..hmm May-be

I'm really glad it's Friday tomorrow, and I'm really glad Monday is bank holiday.

I'm tired and feel a little rough, feel spotty and yukky, so I may even opt for an early night tonight. Too many lates are not good, as they surely take their toll after a while.

I'm told that apparently, the way to become a better writer is to write. I'm told that it doesn't matter what you write ( don't know about that!) just as long as you write. I guess it makes sense though doesn't it.. after all, we say If one wants to become a better reader.. one should read, painter?.. paint, dancer?.. dance.. singer?.. sing.
Et Voila.

In the more negative sense, the same holds true.. if one wanted to become a better liar for example.. the 'common sense' thought would be.. that one should lie more often.

We become, what we do.

Anyway... I've laboured that point enough.
Yes... I can go on a bit..
Just a bit..
a little bit..
tiny bit..

This evening, dinner consumed, my aim is to revise my research question. I was considering charting my researchers highs and lows, but I shan't do that.. it's too painful. If i'm stressed, sometimes the last thing I want to do is cement that feeling in black and white.. although there are times when it can be quite useful to off-load.. vent a little.

In all honesty, today?.. I'm just tired, which I think is making me feel a little icky.. a little ratty, a little grumpy, and a little queasy.

I popped into Iceland in search of some 'Linda Mcartney's'.. and the freezer was absolutely jam packed with Quorn!.. buggers are tryna kill me I swear..

Anyway, I got my 'Linda's'.. then got irritated with a few people in the line who seemed to be taking ages to pay, pack and get out of the way!..

..I got served, then got footing it home.

Well..I'm glad i'm home now.. to put my feet up as I do what I need to do.

Whilst In the chemist the other day, I noticed two things that I really think I should buy and keep in the kitchen cupboard.

Thing number 1?

Chai Kenya Tea with cinnamon ( they also have a Masla flavour I want to try) sounds delish

The other?..

Good ole Complan.. for days like today.. when I'm tired and feeling run down..
Flavour?.. why strawberry of course..

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