Saturday 3 May 2014

Weekend catch up: The Wow factor..

Happy Saturday all!
Welcome to my Weekend catch up.. where I catch up on a few news stories.. each with thier own Wow ' factor..

Hmm.. pay attention the the 1st part, even if you don't watch it all..
I didn't realize that facial features were actually measured.. Wow crazy.

I'll tell you a secret.. I wouldn't want Kagame as an enemy.. he scares he a bit..not sure why, but he does..'
Looks very lovely in town though.. lush and green and clean, and an anti tribalism law is a good thing I think..(the little I know)


Can anyone really still justify the death penalty?.. and should this really continue?

Check out this story of what was scheduled to be a double execution, going terribly wrong..Seriously!?.. Wow!

Check out the story [here]


276 Nigerian schoolgirls missing.. aledgedly kidnapped by 'Boko Haram Militants'..seriously.. that's alot of girls.. Wow

Check out the story [here]


  1. Hi Dawna Lee!
    I couldn't upload the first video, because it's not available for the USA. But I am familiar with both the execution and the missing schoolgirls events.

    I was horrified by the botched execution. But then I'm horrified by any execution. The sentencing of over 600 people to hang in Egypt makes me want to vomit.

    I'm so grateful for European countries refusing to manufacture the drugs that various American states use to execute people. Why are American drug companies refusing to make them? Because there isn't enough profit to be made on drugs used mainly for executions ~ How sadly American is that? I've said many times that America's god is money.

    You really pushed my buttons this morning! I have a visceral reaction to executions that impacts my whole body. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I am convinced that I was hanged in a past life. My reaction to hanging is one of the things that makes me think reincarnation may actually happen.

    Some people actually think that Clayton Lockett of the botched execution got exactly what he deserved! That people need to remember his victim. Even my husband said to me that I might feel differently is someone I knew had been murdered.

    And that's true. And I have, in the first few minutes after learning of some murder, said in the hot moment, "Someone should chop him up into little pieces!" Or whatever method the murderer used. And I feel keenly about the victim and his or her loved ones. But once the heat of the moment has quickly passed, I am solidly back to anti-death penalty.

    When the state executes someone in the name of "justice," we descend into barbarism.

    Enough! I'll stop!

    As for the Nigerian schoolgirls, it is appalling and tragic. Nigeria is a country that is hell on Earth! Talk about barbaric. I feel for it's people and the horrors they experience. If you want to get a sense of what Nigeria is going through, read Will Ferguson's novel "419" or Richard North Patterson's novel "Eclipse."

    After all this it feels weird to wish you a happy day! But I do!

  2. I'll definitely check out the book recommendations!
    Another odd aspect of the death penalty procedure is the viewing. the entire episode was very unpleasant to say the least. i am anti death penalty too.

    I don't think Egypt will carry that though
    The kidnap must be a very difficult situation for the parents etc.. and i'm not sure what the government will and can do other than negotiate their release ( easier said than done)
    I wonder about the security though.. and how this was able to happen..

    Thank you ..and have a happy day too Fundy!!