Saturday 3 May 2014

Fighting fire with fire - UN Peacekeepers in Eastern DRC

'..To bring peace.. even by force..'

Do you remember in a post about Rwanda I asked why the U.N were not armed?.. then I accepted that the answer was in the title.. 'peacekeepers'?.. well, it seems that now, according to this short film, for the 1st time in UN history they (troops) have been granted a mandate to go on the offensive..

I do believe that this does however, blur the lines quite a bit, as now any army can cite an element of peacekeeping as thier mission, either directly or indirectly.

If I worked as a UN peacekeeper.. I think I would prefer to be armed. the danger is.. that it's possible that offense, would be my permanent position.

So.. I'm no longer sure, if it's a strategy the U.N should adopt. Especially if/when working with troops with a poor reputation for violent attacks on the people they are supposed to protect.
But It makes sense that if one way isn't working.. try another

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