Saturday 31 May 2014

Self talk.. is not a sign of madness, but a necessary tool for the tool box

There was a time, a few years back when If I was ever upset about something.. the first person I'd call would have been my sister ( elder) or a close friend ( same age). That I haven't done so of late, Indicates (I hope) some kind of personal growth. ( ..yeah..I blog it out instead lol! #cheat)

No seriously. My sister has this thing that she always used to say to me...
and a thing that she does.
My sister will somehow manage to chastise me, yet remind me of who I am. She chastises me over what she considers my talents also, so in short, she has a lot of faith in me, thinks i'm great and loves me, and will have a go If she feels i'm failing to live up to who she considers I am or what I can do.

The thing she says is..
'If you give it time.. you give it power.. stop giving it time Dawna.. stop giving it power..'

She has said it to me so many times, that it lurks in my kranium, and emerges.. I guess when it needs to.
When does it need to?...
Whenever I have failed to honour the wisdom.

If she's ever fed up of hearing about something, or telling me something she'll just sigh.. then say.. 'aren't you tired of this?.'

So this morning' i'm up early again, determined to not allow myself to lose focus, or attempt to climb an oil slicked pole.
If it ain't aint good for me - I don't want it
If i'm not helped by it - I don't want it
If it ain't honest - I don't want it
If it doesn't make me feel good - I don't want it
If it fails to encourage, educate, enthuse, motivate, generate a state of loving-ness, re-affirm my sense of self worth - I don't want it
If it ain't for me - I don't want it
If it's a waste of my time - I don't want it

Universal order
I need to remember that whatever I believe to be.. is what will be
This may seem like a chicken an egg situation, but there's a science at play, that works.
The science, of thought - and action.

But here's the tricky part. I think what I believe to be true. I cant change the thought, without changing the belief.
and I can't pretend. #notthateasy.

It's like racism. (but not.. I'll cover that another time, it's too important not to)

I believe something to be true, as a result of either something I have seen, experienced, or have been informed of.
So how do I change things?.
How do I Intercept the law of cause and effect?.
One way, I think, is to continue to have faith in what has tended to remain a constant...and that is my own sense of self worth.
However, If I feel that I can't rely on any-one outside of my family - that will remain my reality. ( whether it it be true or not)

Here's my science bit..
Whilst that may have been true right up to yesterday - it doesn't have to remain so from this day forward. It could actually change *fingerclick*in an instant.
I could meet someone today, or tomorrow, or any-day, who absolutely believes in me as much as I believe in myself ( or more). A person who supports, encourages, and truly loves me, does not sweep under the carpet the possibility that I could be wrong, but will challenge me with love - yet remain steadfast by my side - even when not in my presence.

The science bit is.. I need to shift that particular thought and belief to;
I know, that I deserve support and love - it's on its way, and one day soon, It will be here.. how could it not?!
.. until such time... I've got this

The irony is;
Anyone like that with me.. I consider like family

So....what I seek today, is;
Inspiration, love, kindness, fun, humour, wisdom, determination, focus, energy, peace, passion, and patience ( oh.. and someone to go do the shopping.. and perhaps tidy the garden)

I woke up this morning and felt a little blue -
Until I said.. "hey!!.. what's the matter with you.. you've got so much to look forward to, don't allow yourself to be distracted by things that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. You know what you're doing, you know what you want
So go get it".

Well.. the sun is shining , and it seems to have worked so far.

Good morning all.. and have a great day x


  1. The sun is shining so it looks like I'll have to cut the grass. Sigh. Your sister has a point, the more we think about something the more we give it power. Wise words.

  2. I have invested in a lawn mower and trimmer now.. I'm ambitious if nowt
    I like gardening to be honest, and like watching others garden.
    The snails are eating my greens though.

    Its a good point, yet not devoid of complexity in its simplicity
    Wise words indeed
    Enjoy the sun Joe! ( even if you end up having to cut the grass)