Saturday 16 December 2017

A Woman's Worth

A woman is capable of so many things
Yet so often... silenced
forced to play a role or be damned
to live a life, filled with pretence

In developing countries especially, far too many women are still denied..
denied agency
denied a voice
denied a right to say no
or even yes
denied equal access to opportunity
denied the right to speak up as a woman
denied rights over her own body
her emotions
her feelings
her joy
her pain
denied education

Yet women are resourceful
they will take that denial and find peace in it
peace until the urge for freedom grows louder
they find peace through acceptance..
knowing that acceptance may not ignite change
still.. they carry on

Who really knows a woman's worth?
At times not even the woman herself
A woman's worth is found in every prayer of hope
Every sunrise, and every sunset.
in every beautiful thing you see made good by the hands of a woman
A woman at her best is simply a reflection of god.


Who shall stand in the way of such progress?

Thomas Sankara - on women's empowerment

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