Sunday 10 December 2017

Weekend Catch Up ft music by J Martins

What a busy time it has been...

Snow in London today and its been beautiful!

Fresh snow.. I actually like it.
For some reason I forget about the cold when snow falls.. however, it has been cold, which calls for, not one.. but two pots of red pea soup!

Early morning in Hackney.. calm and nice, and really quite pretty

Zimbabwe's new President - Emmerson Mnangagwa...

hands back land to white farmers [click]

How long before the people of Zimbabwe stop celebrating and start to complain again... hmmmm..we're watching


Libya's treatment of black Africans has been highlighted recently, and demonstrations against Slavery in Libya were in force this weekend.

However distressing the pictures are.. this is not new

Yet for some reason people of African descent continue to flock to places like Dubai.. to shop and enjoy luxury,seek Arab money.. and I dare say will continue to do so
African women will continue to travel to work as domestics, ( only to be treated often times) as slaves
and... the world will keep turning.
Its a shame that the black African is still being treated in this manner, and I really hope things change
Perhaps things will change.. when we change

Libya is an African country, yet North African Arab states do not appear to see themselves as African at all. The belief in a racial hierarchy remains strong, with black Africans at the bottom.
What a shame it is, when skin tone continues to dictate how people are treated.


I've learnt a few things of late..
One thing to remember in life is that your dream/s.. is/are not everybody dream
So don't be upset if your passion.. whatever it may be... is not felt, outside of you
Just continue to follow your heart , and live your dream/s
whatever It/they may be


Music time!

I searched hard for Flavour in the vid . but alas.. not this time
Nice track


  1. I hope the snow doesn't continue, because as pretty as it is I'm meant to be going to see Wretch 32 in concert tomorrow night with my older daughter and if we get trapped in the house, we won't be going. The joys of living in the country.

  2. Red Pea Soup? That looks delicious! I love soups and stews during the cold months.
    You always have great music.