Sunday 10 December 2017

What really brought down President Mugabe?... ft music from Wizboyy

He loves his wife.

Yes ladies and gentlemen you heard it here.
The West tried for years.. and failed
The people of Zimbabwe couldn't do it.. at least they thought they couldn't..
until.. his 'unacceptable' love for his wife became so intolerable to the men around him, that the military stepped in

After all.. how dare his wife challenge an ole independence hero who'd be waiting in the wings for decades .. for leadership

No.. it is clear that when it comes to power.. once cannot place a woman .. or your love for a woman, anywhere near that power pulpit.

Well.. I hope he still loves her.
He's an od man now, ( has been for some time) and I hope he gets to live a happy life ( and she doesn't cheat on him of course)

The coup that was not a coup, or the coup which has been cited by some as the most amicable coup in African history, can also be renamed the anti wives coup..
Seriously... can you imagine

A hero of the liberation struggle being ousted for 'positioning his wife for leadership
As if Africa is new to corruption or indeed nepotism..

Do you remember Joice Mujuru?

Well she was ousted by President Mugabe and expelled from Zanu PF
Ousted in much the same way that now President Emmerson Mnangagwa was.
What did the military do?...
No coup .no public protests.. nothing..
..despite the fact that she too had been part of the Zimbabwe liberation struggle.

This anti woman sentiment across parts of Africa needs to stop.
we are more than just pretty, cooks, cleaners, and supporters of our men
We are actually people too.. with feelings.. to be honoured. imagine that


Prince Harry & Megan Markle got engaged and social media and the media in general was in a frenzy
Harry's marrying a 'black woman' came the cries..

Well good for them, love is a beautiful thing

However, some of the statements Ive heard have caused me to raise an eyebrow or two..

When Serena Williams became pregnant with her boyfriend ( fiancé ) who happened to be a white male, she faced a barrage of abuse. To the so called conscious community she had betrayed her 'people'. Black men in their droves were upset

Yet, no backlash towards Megan whatsoever..
Can someone please tell me.... as I really don't know ( wink wink)
What is the difference?

or should I say...
Spot the difference


One lady who has much to smile about lately is the sister of Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha

..she has been appointed minister of happiness and purpose fulfilment [click]

My brother my brother I await my appointment
Imo State will officially be the happiest state in Nigeria [click]

Happy Sunday x

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