Monday, 7 May 2018

Cool it. Nigerians are not Lazy

Sheltering from the sun
I spent more time on work than I planned that I actually need headache tabs lol!.

It has been a nice day,
I had a wonderful day yesterday also catching up with the proprietor of my local laundromat, talked about his home town in Nigeria, and the differing temperaments of the average Ghanian, nice and easy. I respect him greatly , hard working man, built his business up and despite the difficulties has managed to keep it going.
He always encourages me also, as he has known me about 20yrs, when my babies were babies, and he was my regular cab driver.
Since he's known me he tells me I've always worked.
Can you imagine if I too, had been working for myself?
I guess at the time I had a different focus.

For some reason I tend to keep an eye on the IPOB movement, they have a way with words for sure.

Who will unite the people..

My sis


  1. Gwan pretty woman! Agreed with the sentiment, we are not lazy people. Most of us in the diaspora work hard, forever sending remittance back home. A lot of my peers including myself hold down a second job, constantly on the move, grinding. I rate your guy on his business sense, always best to be your own boss (tried my hand, should do it again)

    Avenues! Choon! That right there is my riddim, thanks for putting me on it

  2. For sure!, anytime Chrome