Monday 28 May 2018

Home Cooking is Best!

Woohoo! Bank Holiday!!

My daughter and partner are coming for dinner so I know the food will be eaten in no time, with content
We don't get to hang out so much, what with everyone being busy so a day off from the slave trade, sorry I mean the rat race, is a welcome one :)

The sun's shining, some sweet reggae music playing, food cooking, flowers in bloom
I'm so grateful

I haven't actually done too much today.
Found unexpected cash in my pocket so went and bought a few essentials, cooked too much rice and peas for the pot so it's now spilling over!, have prepped all my veg and about to finish that up.

As I mentioned, a bit too much rice for the pot..see?

I've been taking a keen interest in food actually. the science of it anyway. watching a few documentaries which are very educational, and is making a lot of sense to me right now.

A few weeks ago I was so dizzy I actually had to go to the hospital. I was seriously unwell, I couldn't walk a straight line, nauseous to the max.
It turned out that out in addition to being anaemic, I had slight ear infection, which was made better in hours. My trip to the hospital was after 3 trips to the doctor/s to be given pretty much the same drug in various guises which didn't work.
The doctor at the hospital was Asian, and looked at me as though to say, 'stop fretting you big baby, you will be fine.. just do this!'
I did what he said, which involved no drugs, and hey presto I was able to walk a straight line again.

The episode highlighted to me the importance of staying away from stress as much as possible, that homeopathic treatments are often more effective, and that ethnic minorities tend to understand what our bodies need in a very different way.

Anyway, back to cooking...

I learnt to cook from my mum. She didn't actually sit me down that I can remember, but I enjoyed watching her in the kitchen, as the food always tasted amazing.

I also enjoyed watching her bake.
As a child we ate a balanced diet.
I eliminated meat and fish from my diet, when I was 16, then resumed fish in my late 20's. Food and African Caribbean spirituality go hand in hand. A source of enegery that should be treated with respect.
That's just one reason I simply cannot and will not eat at Chinese food restaurants or take aways, I need to be able to trust what I'm eating, and that it has been cooked cleanly with love, and .. to be honest, that it's actually food I'm eating.
Eating out can be bit like 'Russian roulette'

I am convinced that some food suit me well, whilst others simply do not.
The Caribbean diet in particular has undergone much scrutiny in recent times, and has been cited by some doctors to be the cause of ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure, so much so that it's now believed among us that our food is killing us!.

Permit me to wade in on that for a moment

It's not your food that's killing you...'s the system.
It's oppression , discrimination and the racism you face, the frustration you feel at your seeming inability to do anything significant about it, your yearning for justice in the face of injustice
Think about it

How can your food be killing you when in the Caribbean it's not uncommon to live well beyond 100?

My own grandmother was 100+,

Yams, green banana , fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, are staple foods
Food is hand cultivated, hand reared, no preservatives, no chemicals. It's in the ground, the soil, on the trees, in the yard ( if you eat meat)
It's in the West that we suffer.
and it really isn't anything to do with our food.
yet if you want to play 'devils advocate'...even if......

Over drinking, over eating, over seasoning , are all symptoms of a stressful lifestyle. Don't let the system fool you.
It's psychological warfare, propaganda, if you're not careful the system will kill you then say you committed suicide.

Home cooking is best.
Eat up your African Caribbean food people, you don't need to add salt, try not to over season, stay away from that unholy pork :)


This is one of my favourites outfits. It's so comfortable to wear . A lady made it for me in Ghana. Just s few hours wait, and bingo, fits like a glove.
I think it's very pretty.

I absolutely love this track!
Beautiful Intro Chronixx

Have a great day x

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  1. Hi Dawna -- Great to have a comment from you on my blog today! You're looking great and I really like your outfit too! I agree that stress is a killer. I know it's wreaked havoc with my own health.