Monday 7 May 2018

Stop telling youths they come from broken homes and deprived areas..

..Especially if those 'areas' are no longer considered deprived if YOU live there. No, they are at that point somehow, considered gentrified, If YOU are working white and middle class, perhaps have a small ( or large inheritance) and are definetly not white working class. That's when investors feel happy and safe to invest right?

So wrong.

The media demonised women and families for so long that too many children actually feel broken. It's a simple equation, if you come from a broken home you must be broken right?
So wrong
Well what of our two lovely Princes, Harry and William, both from a so called 'broken home' which no-one would dream of calling broken, but why?

The problems we ae seeing on our streets are complex, yet issues of race class and culture and the demonisations of a group of people are not far from the surface.

A woman with children separated from the father for whatever reason, manages a HOME. Not a broken home, simply put, a home.

She may choose to date again and at some point a man will once again provide the masculine energy and guidance she perhaps seeks, bringing more love and support, but women, in the main, make a house a home

We really have to become a little more open minded about love sex marriage and family.
About women men and how we relate.
About community
A bit more honest about race class and culture
A bit more honest about the lack of opportunity granted for too many black boys in particular in comparison to white

Minority cultures have to protect themselves from dominant cultures if that dominant culture means them little or no good, or has a skewed and negative impression of who they are.

Know thy self, has never been more relevant
Heal thy self never more needed

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