Saturday 26 May 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Ubuntu

Slept in.
Got work tonight so just taking it easy today. Fortunately my cold is easing up now, and I didn't need whisky as was recommended.

Fancy a make over but decided just to do the usual maintenance which will suffice.

This is an odd time in some ways. I've spent my working life in the area of developing communities yet I've seen much of that work corroded over the years, partly due to changes in policy, government priorities and funding.
What's frustrating is that work is still needed.
But has society moved too far away from that now?
There is an odd irony in that community development is an inclusive theory built on the notion that if you help others to do well in their lives, you impact not only on an individual, but their families, neighbours, community, society and ultimately the nation.

Exclusion paves the way for isolation, frustration and resentment, a fear of the other, discrimination and prejudice.

At best we exist in silos, at worst intolerance.
The irony is that we now have in place a policy to combat extremism; the end result of fractured communities. A policy that treats the symptom, but not the cause.

Lets continue to ask the right questions in the hope we get the right answers.
Yet know that those answers may never come.
So perhaps instead of waiting for a leader who will take us there, we must now realise that only we.. can take ourselves there.


I love my nation

Yesterday was Africa day.

I truly believe that despite the issues on the continent, Africa has the potential to lead the world for the betterment of all.
The world should really honour the continent for all it has made possible. Not exploit it, but cherish it. ( snd it's people)


Have a great day x

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