Wednesday 9 September 2015

Bracket ft. Phyno - Bartender

I do like Bracket...

Featuring my favourite light skinned boy.
I say that because I had a conversation recently about the 'pains' sometimes inflicted on darker skinned children, experiencing life as a black child amidst those who believed [believe] in the biased racial theory which justified the inhumane transatlantic slave trade for many years. In too many African and Caribbean homes lighter skinned children are favoured, praised, and in some cases given opportunities the darker children simply would [will] not receive. Most commonly, girls given titles of beautiful based on the lightness of thier skin, and the straightness of their hair. They would be the most sought after.. resembling closest ( I guess) .. to an alleged white ideal.
The talk went deep.
I thought of my own mother who being darker than her sister, appears to have experienced life as the 'black Cinderella' in comparison. (I'm possibly exaggerating but you get my drift). When I think about the conversations I've had with her over the past few months I wonder of the impact her early experiences had. I suspect it dented her confidence, and dulled her spirit for many many years.

Pretty sure it must have had an impact on what she thought she was entitled to, both growing up and as an adult.

Thankfully, times have changed quite a bit, but change is slow and not enough. These ideas are still prevalent in our 'communities'. You don't have to dig too deep to find them.

I pray for an end to 'African mental slavery', and freedom for the colonized mind. I really do. [click]
Get it together men... you play a big part in its continuation.

Good morning x
...don't visit the 'bartender' til later..... :)
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  1. This post has reminded me of something. On my blog a few weeks ago I slagged off the American presenter Wendy Williams. You know I had no idea she was black, I dunno if it was that I just didn't notice or it's because she's lighter skinned, but after I found out she was black I felt sick that I had slagged her off, because I thought people would think it was because she's black and it has nothing to do with that at all, I just don't like her programme!

  2. Good, and glad it's not just me then. Btw if she were white, asian whatever, I still wouldn't like her show. :D

    1. Sounds fair to me Joe..
      Apparently she's one of the highest paid talk show hosts.. or so i've been told. So her show is very popular...

  3. I have often thought about this topic ~ having had children of many colors during my teaching career. Lighter is perceived as better in Asian and East Indian cultures ~ and how about blondes! But I do think it was most perfidious in the American South. Especially when you deny the humanity of people you are subjugating to enrich yourself. It's important that we bring our children up to appreciate the humanity and beauty in all the marvelous human diversity that surrounds us.