Tuesday 1 September 2015

Did somebody say get back to work!?.. oh.. and Happy Birthday Ti!

It's Ti's birthday, my 'given birth' day, and my 1st day back at work.
How have you all been?

I hardly slept a wink, am raring to go, and raring to get back home to Freetown tbh lol!
So... what's going on in London, what have I missed?
I have a birthday cake to bake later so better get going. things to do, lots to organise

Word of the day?.. focus..

Song of the day?...Autumn leaves. I've played this alot over the past few weeks.. plus a reporter on the news just said it's the 1st day of autumn
Ahhhhh...September.. my birthday month.

Good morning all.. x Hello and welcome September


Birthday Boy