Monday 21 September 2015

Coups in 'Africa'.. business as usual.. ? ft Timaya - Hallelujah

Good morning

So the coup in Burkina Faso is to be reversed?
Seriously.. what is going on there

I understand that the Presidents of Senegal and Gambia assisted in mediation talks
It's reported that part of the problem is that those who were linked 'favourably' /loyal to, former president Blaise are illegible to stand for election which some think is unfair.

Pic - Gilbert Diendéré, a general and former top aide to former president Blaise Compaoré.

I think 'situation unstable' is a fair analysis.


Labours new leader handed our current PM David Cameron a gold plated soap box at last weeks PMQ's.
Labour can take the moral high ground but will probably have to get much tougher when dealing with the Tories.. otherwise forget it. Moral high ground plus economic viability =win win iMO


Autumn is here.
Feeling rough


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