Sunday 6 September 2015

Weekend Wow Factor - Taught to be...

Of all the things we are taught in school[s]... how to make money is rarely one of them.
We are taught, .. how to serve, rarely how to be served.. we are taught how to follow, rarely how to lead.
We are taught how to spend .. rarely how to save..

State education will always ( in the main) be the best way to ensure a steady supply of faithful servants of the state
If the state takes care of its subjects, then great..
If not.....


The Labour leadership contest hasn't quite grabbed my attention to be honest, but due to the furore around 'left wing' Jeremy Corbyn, and the fear that some labour supporters have of a swing so far left that the party will be unelectable for decades to come..... I thought i'd check him out.

Now, I would be surprised if anyone watching this interview will disagree with much of what he says.. in fact i suspect many will nod in agreement at his 'humanitarian rhetoric..

Politics. is like music.... you can often tell what's going on in the minds of the people if you listen to thier music...
Equally, you can tell what's going on in the minds of the people based on who they vote for.. and who is in power.

I have a new saying. Don't blame the 'government'... blame the people. [If blame be your thing]

We currently have a Conservative government due to an increase in right wing attitudes..
God has a sense of humour. A refugee crisis ( high on the political agenda) and right wing attitudes tend not to be favourable bedfellows.

So Corbyn?...I like him. I didn't initially. But a strong labour voice is needed which provides a credible contrast to the Conservative agenda.
Labour should not mimic the Tories.. we did it once and it worked.
But you wont get another Blair ( Pity) .. and times have changed.


Dr Umar and I tend to part ways at some point during his talks..
But that's okay....
A very knowledgeable man, passionate, intelligent, interesting ( funny at times ) and this interview ... quite compelling..


Sierra Leone faced a set back last week after a woman was confirmed with having died of Ebola. Hopefully the country will be able to celebrate in full soon enough.. with the 42 day no new cases countdown (zero) having begun again on the 29th August. [click]


Talented man .. E.L
Nice... eyebrows :)

Easy Chale...


  1. I have to say he came across really well in that interview. I couldn't stand him initially but after hearing him here I'm changing my mind.

  2. I agree. he did come across well..
    Nice interview
    Those shorts were distracting me abit but then I decided to be adult about it :)

  3. I agree, the shorts bothered me! I thought I was just being shallow! :D