Monday, 20 November 2017

Day 2- in Abuja

You quickly realize the importance of one of these..

But even more important, is knowing how to use one topped only by then having the confidence to do so

Currently. It's looking mighty intimidatibg

Not one to be intimidated by inanimate objects I walked across the road to seek help. A nice young man I had turned away earlier ( stone that the builder refused an all that..) came to my aid.

Yet no sooner had he went out again..surely I can't call him back again in this heat?!

I could, but I won't. I m going to try it myself.

You learn something new everyday.
Today I learnt to be abit more trusting of good people

How could I have turned away such a sweet looking Korode Bello lookalike

And as if by magic..just as I'm about to make myself proud and conquer this beast....the electrics are back!.. Ohhh sweet fans.....


  1. those generators boy, test you to the limit. nice one dawna

    1. I tried and failed.. bless them tho they are essential x